Boat Houses

Boat Houses photo  Landscape First of all I want to thank all visitors that took their time to visually explore my photoblog. I never expected such a reception after posting this blog into various blog networks. I really appreciate any comment, especially when it is paired with constructive feedback.

From time to time I pick a photo from a past roll and review them with the thoughts I had during the arrangement. This image was taken during a holiday trip in south Germany. It shows two boat houses on the “Königsee” that are used to park small ferry’s and rowing boats that can be used to reach the pilgrimage chapel “St. Bartholomä”. When I saw in that direction the first time it looked really amazing and I unpacked my camera as quickly a possible and set up on the tripod. A small cloud was casting a shade in the foreground and the sun was just illuminating the spot in the center of the image where all the lines are leading to. Unfortunately I was  to slow and that small cloud did not gave me a second chance… I still took that image with a little frustration  that this image could be better. Did something similar happen to you?