Endless Graves

Endless Graves photo  Cemetery & Sculptures

This is a very old one and taken with my first 120 roll (currently at roll nr.39). We had a school project to take three analogue images with certain features. I was able to get hands on a very good middle format camera from the parents of my girlfriend. I bought one roll and started to search for sequences in the cemetery that I could use for the first image. When I found that spot I laid down flat on the grass to take this perspective. I was a cloudy sky without direct sunlight. That helped to get very smooth shadows and an even light distribution on the whole scene. I opened the aperture up to the maximum of f2 to get that strong depth of field that almost pushes the viewer through the image. After working with that camera I made a promise to myself to get the same model someday. Luckily the promise came true and I still love working with it and with film as a medium.