Alexandre Miguel Maia Landscape Portrait in the Wimbachtal

Alexandre Miguel Maia

I am born and living in Hamburg/Germany since 1982, after my parents moved here as “Gastarbeiter” immigrant workers from Portugal.

My first experience in photography I gathered 2003 during my time at a technical secondary school for interior design. There I quickly realized that analog photography suits my personality. With this medium I can live out my perfectionism in creativity and work consciously with the subject.

The mood of an environment must inspire me. It must evoke a feeling inside of me that is worth capturing in a photograph. The true art is to be able to capture these feelings in a photograph, even when the camera only reflects a fragment of our perception. I favor places where I can find tranquility with subjects that have a clarity and calmness in them.

“Restrict yourself to the minimum to unleash maximum creativity”

I believe that restrictions help to focus your mind on the things that can be done within that boundaries. It helps to pursue unconventional ways that would otherwise left undiscovered. Even when it is not easy to limit your options, it can be really relieving.


1999 – 20023D-Artist
Absolute Software GmbH, Hamburg
2003 – 2004Technical secondary school for interior design
G6 Staatliche Gewerbeschule für Holztechnik, Farbtechnik und Raumgestaltung, Hamburg
2008Co-founded Splitscreen Studios GmbH
3D Browsergames development and publishing, Hamburg
2009Founded Retrolux UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Photography, videography, visual arts, Hamburg


2011 – 2012Azeitona (Solo Exhibition)
Vegetarisches Restaurant, Hamburg
2013 & 2014Hamburg Zeigt Kunst (Group Exhibition)
Überseeboulevard Hafencity, Hamburg
2014 – 2015Artworks Hamburg Gallery (Group Exhibition)
Bei den Mühren, Hamburg
2015Hamburg Zeigt Kunst (Group Exhibition)
Fischauktionshalle, Hamburg
2015TASTE – Fest der Künste (Group Exhibition)
Kolbenhof, Hamburg
2016UKE Universitätsklinikum Eppendorf (Solo Exhibition)
Neurologische Privatambulanz, Hamburg
2023Enter The Forest (Solo Exhibition)
Grindel Pop-Up-Raum, Hamburg